Live educator learnshops are fun, interactive learning sessions that empower educators to immediately implement what they learned. Each session is synchronous with availability to host up to 100 participants per session.

Please feel free to reach out to me to find out more about each learnshop or if you want to schedule a time for your school(s). If you are interested in having more than 10 events, please contact me about bundle pricing.

Live Educator Learnshop Bite-Size Edition

  • Empower Student Voice (using FlipGrid and Microsoft PowerPoint Recorder)

  • The Asynchronous Classroom with FlipGrid

  • Minecraft Immersion for Remote Teaching and Learning (4-part series)

  • The Connected, Engaged, Inquiry-driven, Problem-Solving, Creating and Collaborating Classroom with Microsoft Teams (2-part series)

  • OneNote Class Notebook: The Everything Digital Binder

  • Creating your Inclusive Classroom with Microsoft & Remote Learning

  • 19+ Ways to Use Video Meetings for Remote Learning

  • REcording Video and Screens for Mini-Lessons in REmote Learning

  • Make Google Classroom Effective and Efficient for Remote Learning

  • Interactive Slides from Creation to Presenting

  • Creating and Utilizing Virtual Tours using Google Tour Creator

  • Formative Assessment Using Online Tools for Remote Learning

  • Creating Student Portfolios with Google Sites

  • How to Make Accessibility accessible with G Suite for Education

#Remote Teaching

Courses currently in development...

Google Classroom Today, Teams Now, The Complete Canvas Class, Chrome Chameleon (All about how to best use Chrome and Chromebooks), Interactive Slides from Creation to Presenting, Using Forms Inside and Out (Formative Assessments with Google and Microsoft), Creating Student Portfolios with Google Sites, Minecraft Immersion for Remote Learning, Inclusive Classrooms with Microsoft, Accessibility with G Suite for Education, and more.

Online On-Demand Learning

Online courses are asynchronous with availability across all devices. Interaction with the course facilitator is available for each course to guide the learner. Prices posted are per course, per educator. Please contact me if your school district is interested in bulk pricing.

  • Google Certified Educator Level 1 Bootcamp

  • Google Certified Educator Level 2 Bootcamp

  • Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Online

  • #Remote Teaching Tips Short Course

  • 19+ Ways to Use Video Meetings for Remote Learning

  • The Ultimate Create and Interact with Google Drawings course

19 Ways to Use Video Meetings for Remote Learning

One of the most import aspects of transitioning to remote learning is keeping similar schedules (if possible for meetings) and similar procedures not only each virtual day of school, but also thinking about times and schedules you had on-site in school (lunch, recess, morning meeting, mid-morning mindfulness, etc.). If it feels like your normal class discussions or conversations it will make the transition easier. Also, consider creating dress-up or themed days so students can have fun, feel a sense of community and distinguish one day from the next. Lastly, remember you can record the entire video meeting and share with those who missed it or might need to see again. This should be done as a way to have transparency over what occurs in your virtual meetings. (Take this short course to learn more)

Here is a quick list of ways you could utilize video meetings.

1. Explain and share information (As you know, people do not always read carefully!)

2. Lecture

3. Mini-lessons for small groups

4. Conferencing

5. Mindfulness moments

6. Planning with colleagues

7. Class discussions

8. Eat lunch together and be social

9. Parent support

10. Screensharing to provide visual step-by-steps

11. Shared experience through reading live or watching a video together

12. Small group support to personalize student needs

13. Project sharing of student work and presentations

14. Office hours to be available for student and parent needs

15. Bring experts to share information. (Reach out to scientists, executives, professors, other teachers, etc.)

16. Share work and construct projects that involve collaboration across classes

17. Use engaging tools for lessons such as Pear Deck, Edpuzzle, Nearpod, and Desmos to interact with your class

18. Don't forget the arts - plan time for creative activities in fine arts, music, and theater

19. Check-in times and progress monitoring since much of the work may be independent and students may not want to share with a large group or say they don't understand something unless you ask.

+ Have a mystery guest each week join your virtual class meeting (Mystery Skype has lots of resources on how or go about on your own with your Google or Zoom platform also.)

NEED HELP? Remote Learning Support - COVID19

Does your school or school district need support with preparing or helping your teachers day-to-day who will be teaching remotely? - Contact me about helping with your plan or day-to-day support.

Every educator deserves to have the essentials needed to integrate technology for teaching and learning. Nic provides custom technology training and integration for educators, nonprofits, and businesses that empower people to confidently employ their new skills. He is an educator of 19 years and has been recognized as a Google for Education Certified Trainer, Google for Education Certified Innovator, Microsoft Innovative Educator Master Trainer, Apple Teacher and SMART Certified Education Consultant. He is ready to help you and your organization whether it is training for 10 or 1000.

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