Our Story

Once upon a time there was a world where teaching and learning were contained within the walls of a school building, even for educators wanting to grow in their own pedagogy. Every day, millions of teachers would prepare to facilitate learning for a group of kids, knowing that they were the primary source of knowledge.  When the internet entered our schools, a new era began.  We can learn most anything we want or choose, or find information online or use mobile devices.  More and more people empowered their own learning and grew in their knowledge. 

Because of that, a void left by online learning and self-paced classes for professional development has teachers/learners craving the reassurance, the confidence and passion that people bring to each other when they interact and learn together. Until finally, like minded educators recognized that there is still a desire and need by both the digital natives and those trying to understand and use technology to truly connect and make learning meaningful and authentic utilizing technology.

Blended Tech Learning was born of the belief that a combination of the knowledge of teaching and learning with technology expertise would allow people to quickly get what is essential in using technology so that they may empower potential in themselves, their students, and all those they reach. And most importantly be guided and shown, face-to-face, ways to integrate technology for their purposes or goals with someone who knows education and can relate to teachers and learners.

- Nic Finelli, Chief Learning Engineer
Nic provides a broad range of customized professional development, training, and consulting services, focusing on meaningful, efficient, and successful technology integration. With more than 16 years of classroom teaching experience and years of service as a school-based technology-integration specialist, Nic truly believes and has an appreciation for the teaching and learning context, and an extensive first-hand knowledge base, that is unique and unmatched among full-time providers in the edtech field today.

He has been recognized as an Google for Education Certified Trainer, an Apple Teacher 2016, Microsoft Innovative Educator Master Trainer, and a SMART Certified Education Consultant.  Nic is a National Board Certified Teacher, a Google for Education Certified Innovator, a curator for YouTube for Teachers, Hapara Certified Educator,and a Discovery Star Educator. He holds a Master of Arts in Teaching and has instructed graduate-level courses in technology integration.

As a full-time professional development provider, trainer, and consultant, Nic and Blended Tech Learning serve education, business, and government organizations.

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