BLAST is an after-school program offered to schools for kids.  We believe that there is so much for students in elementary school that will enhance their understanding and use of technology as a meaningful learning tool for them now and the future.  

We have 5 strands of the BLAST program to help with different aspects that kids love and will use right now.  Each strand has 5 levels to focus on teaching and learning.  Choose one or choose them all.  We will work with you to make our program fit to your after-school needs.  BLAST is a weekly program that runs on a 5-week cycle and can be scheduled for 25 weeks of the school year. 

Discover the most effective way to search and find what you need on the web and become a "Searchonaut".
Dr. Docs
Experience the ins and outs of working with Google Docs (text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and websites), cloud-based storage, sharing, collaboration, and communication and become a "Doctor of Docs".

Cosmic Producer
Create, edit, and display videos using YouTube for Schools, Creative Commons licensed media, and Discovery Education
Learn the language and write code to make apps for iPads and iPhones.  Become the literate of today, be an "AppScribe". 

Communicating in our digital world requires understanding and skill.  This series focuses on social media, cyberbullying, internet safety, and netiquette in order to teach kids to be responsible digital citizens.

BLAST  is...Brilliant Learning After School with Technology

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